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Selling Stolen Bras On eBay Is Not OK

By September 9, 2008No Comments

There seems to be a whole new meaning given to the term, “Cyber Crime”. As per reports, George Tutaya a 41 year old resident of Rego Park in Queens, New York, was arrested for allegedly selling stolen bras on eBay over the last two years.

The bras were from the well known couture brand Victoria’s Secret, and were collectively valued at $80,000.

The seller used various user IDs to sell his goods through eBay and PayPal. He sold around 2,000 bras in this manner. The goods, originally priced between $40-80 each, were sold for just $25 each, which is certainly a very tempting offer for shoppers.

Apparently, Mr. Tutaya must have provided excellent services as well. Satisfied customers left good reviews on eBay. One of which said, “Honest person to buy from”, and another one said “Excellent Service, Honest, Will do business again, Thank you!”

Positive Feedback On eBay For Theif

Investigations reveal that the man did not steal the bras from the stores himself, but was involved with a ring of professional shoplifters. During raids on his premises, records proving 2,000 transactions on eBay and another 650 unsold bras valued at $26,000 were found.

The Supreme Court in Queens has arraigned him on charges of criminal possession of stolen goods. If the charges against him are proven, he faces a maximum sentence of up to 7 years in jail. He will have to return to the court on November 18.

Queens District Attorney, Richard Brown says, “Trafficking stolen goods on the Internet will no more be tolerated than fencing stolen property would be anywhere else.”