Search Engine Spam Is Still Alive And Well

By August 6, 20072 Comments

Anyone who thinks that spamming the search engine indices is “so 2005”, has probably not checked their email spam folders recently. Most companies get bombarded by self-proclaimed SEO experts claiming to know the secret to spending next to nothing and yet achieving top placements in Google, MSN and Yahoo!

While organic search engine results in themselves cost nothing per click, they cannot be obtained without spending a good deal of time and money on building a good quality website and attracting visitors and links to it.

Surprisingly, it is not just the spammers who benefit from spamming the search engines. One such email soliciting SEO submission services brought to light the fact that some relatively well-known SEO agencies also indulge in spam-like methods to gain links.

The aforementioned email goes as follows:

My name is Silviu Marian and I am the general manager of . The reason why I am contacting you is that I would like to propose you a business partnership. I noticed that a lot of SEO firms provide submission services for their clients. And I really think their prices are very high. I am proposing you to do the same and offer these services to your clients.

If the poor English hasn’t put off most readers by this point, the fact that the email is targeted only at agencies looking to fleece their clients should!

The email continues…

This is the business partnership I was talking about:
– We can offer your users 1000 manual directory submissions for only 100$ or 500 manual directory submissions for only 50$; considering this price, you can add as much as you want, and that will be your share;

$100 is approximately 4,000 Indian Rupees. A degree-educated Indian in a city like Mumbai or Delhi, with some notions of Internet marketing and English copy writing will typically expect to be paid Rupees 20,000 per month. This means, that $100 would pay for no more than 1 week of work, or 40 hours (2,400 minutes).

If the company does not keep any profit for itself, the person handling submissions will spend at most 2.4 minutes per submission, which is a ridiculously small amount of time to identify the best category, write a good, relevant title and description, submit the site and return to check validity of the submission and link.
The email gets even more interesting…

In order to have a preview of our work, here there are 2 sites submitted by us:
A) Search Engine Optimisation uk => the 1st on the 1st page on Google
B) 1. Web design and development uk => 1st page on Google 2. Web site design and development => the 1st on 2nd page on Google

Oyster Web are a UK SEO agency. This email implicates them of using the services of a rather dodgy link building and submissions company.

And finally…


Any guesses why online directory editors hate spam submissions??!!


  • John Hughes says:

    Hello, you might want to check more of your facts before implying that Oyster Web spam directory submissions. As a matter of fact, this service requires that we supply titles, descriptions, and other information, in a range of lengths and styles – they are not being written by this thrid party. Additionally, we indicate the kinds of categories that should be submitted too, the email address to be used for submission response and other information that will be required at the submission stage. This company undertake the physical act of submission, not the writing of submission creative. US$100 is considerably cheaper than we couls afford somebody in the UK to undertake the same manual task, and so from that point of view is the decision is business driven. We fully vetted these services before choosing to use them, and would not have used them if e considered them unethical or if there was any hint of them using automated software to undertake the submission. That said, we never provided a testimonial and the search engine position they claim in the email was avhieved long before we used their services.

  • AccuraCast says:

    This article is not meant to indicate that Oyster Web spam directory submissions, but rather to highlight the fact that some Indian SEO / submission companies may seem cheap but the quality of their work is well below par.
    Sounds to me like you need to have a word with the submissions agency about using your company name / testimonial without your approval.