Enhanced RSS Features On Firefox 2.0

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The latest release of Mozilla Firefox has some subtle but powerful changes. They include addition of a search term suggestion tool in the built-in search box, easier tab closure, default opening of new links in a new tab rather than a new window, phishing protection, auto session recovery after a crash and improved RSS functionality.

The improvements in the RSS functionality allow users to decide how to handle feeds. Users have the option to subscribe to a few via a Web service or in a standalone RSS reader, or add them as Live Bookmarks. Firefox 2.0 comes pre-loaded with My Yahoo!, Bloglines and Google Reader as Web service options, but users can add any Web service that handles RSS feeds.

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  • O'Source says:

    extract from website:

    It’s hard to write about Firefox with an emphasis on security and privacy, or give practical configuration advice, because the developers keep adding configuration options, then discarding them, then reviving them. Mozilla has remained consistent in its excellent set of configuration options, which means that the step-by-step security and privacy setup for Mozilla detailed in my 2004 manual Computer Security for the Home and Small Office is still effective.

    Firefox has not shown anything approaching this degree of consistency. For example, on my trusty Linux box, I have Firefox version, with a configuration option enabling me to block third party images. On my cursed Windows box, I have Firefox version, which lacks this option. It’s an important privacy issue, because there are invisible, 1-pixel-square images called web bugs often embedded in web pages by third parties – marketing outfits, usually – which are used to track our web sessions. Marketers prefer to call them “web beacons”, but they are, in fact, bugs.

    They can be defeated quite easily, by preventing your browser from loading images from sites other than the one you are visiting. Perhaps defaults to loading images only from the websites you visit, but by withdrawing the option, the developers have left me a good deal less confident.

  • info says:

    Why do you figure then, that Mozilla pushes Firefox so much more than their own branded browser?

  • Steve Austin says:

    fb comments not working in firefox version 2.0