Google / YouTube Remain Most Popular Video Sites

Google sites including Google Video and YouTube continue to dominate the U.S. online video market with 16.7% of the total video streams initiated.

According to comScore, the Google sites boasted 57.4 million unique users and 1.2 billion streams in the month of March. The lion’s share of this traffic came from YouTube, which accounted for 53.5 million unique users and 1.1 billion video streams.

The top 10 online streaming video properties ranked by comScore were as follows:

PropertyVideo Streams Initiated (MM)Share of Video Streams InitiatedUnique Video Streamers (000)Reach (%) Among Total U.S. Internet Users
Google Sites1,17716.7%57,37632.3%
Yahoo! Sites4346.2%34,53219.5%
Fox Interactive Media4216.0%47,44626.7%
Viacom Digital2603.7%20,24511.4%
Time Warner Network2223.2%28,94516.3%
Microsoft Sites1512.2%17,93310.1%
Roo Group, Inc.961.4%
Disney Online901.3%9,8015.5%
Total Internet7,014100.0%126,63571.4%

In total, more than 126 million Americans viewed online streaming video in March, which amounts to 5 out of every 7 U.S. Internet user. On average users viewed nearly two video streams per day resulting in an average of 145 minutes of online video in March 2007.