Reddit Booms As Digg Busts In 2010

By January 4, 20112 Comments

Statistics recently revealed by Reddit show that the site has grown exceptionally well during the last year.

Not only has the number of page views gone up from 250 million in the month of January 2010 to 829 million in December 2010, but also the average amount of time spent per visit has gone up from 12 minutes and 41 seconds to 15 minutes and 21 seconds.

The increase in time spent on the site, indicates that not only are new visitors accessing the site, but they also must like the format enough to spend a substantial amount of time there.

In fact, Reddit has been growing so rapidly, that they often have to struggle for their servers to keep up with the increased user demands. They have also decided to increase the strength of the engineering team from 4 to 6.

Part of the reason for the growth of the site could be their new and improved features and upgrades as also the fact that Reddit allows users to form new communities which enable users to discuss various topics of interest to them with each other.

However, the major factor of this sudden growth could well be the sudden downfall of Digg.

Digg has suffered a major setback since their last redesign in August-September 2010. Following this, a lot of users have deserted the site and no doubt a substantial chunk of those users would now be patronising Reddit.


  • LouF says:

    What steps did you take to fact-check those numbers before you published them? After all, Conde Nast is a for-profit organization. Did you just repeat their PR release, or did you check that they didn’t simply invent those numbers?

  • AccuraCast says:

    The numbers are taken from figures published on the Reddit blog (see link in the first line). While we can’t verify the exact numbers, the general trend is definitely correct and can be verified via Google Ad Planner.