Social Web Dominated By Women

By October 7, 20092 Comments

Women, today, seem to be taking the lead over men in a lot of technical. Only recently it was found that working moms are the real power users of mobile phones.

The latest statistics, collected by Brian Solis of Google Ad Planner, and published on Information is Beautiful, show that women also dominate the social web.

While the numbers seem to be more or less equal on a few of the social sites like LinkedIn, DeviantArt and YouTube, it has been found that the men are far outnumbered by the number of women on most of the other sites like Facebook, FriendFeed, Twitter, MySpace etc.

The percentages of women using some of the popular social sites are as follows:

Social Network% Female Users
Gaia online61%

The only site on which men were found to outnumber women was Digg, which has 4.7 million more men (64% of the user base).

While there will definitely be those who say that women dominate the social Web because women often have more time to spend on unimportant matters, like chatting with their friends, because more women stay at home all the time as compared to the number of men, it is also very possible that women spend more time on social networks than men because they are the ones who really care about people and like to nurture and strengthen relationships.

Whatever the reasons for this difference, these demographics will certainly be very useful to marketers, as they give a very good indication of what sort of products and campaigns should be displayed on the social networks in order to get good conversion rates.


  • Sarah Bousetta says:

    When it comes to social media sites that focus on sharing information to others it looks as if men and women are equally involved. It looks as if women use sites that focus on communicating and sharing experiences more then their male counterparts. Sharing site such as focus more on sharing information specific to user interests and passions. It will be interesting to see the differences (gender-wise) in social networking sites like Grouptivity.

  • Florence says:

    This statistical table definitely looks good. Internet awareness took some time to spread in some countries, but slowly catching up with the rest of the world, the table says it! Some day I’d like to see a countrywise report on this topic. It’s important to know women from which countries are lagging behind.