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Google Marketing Livestream 2021

New ad features and marketing options were introduced for search, display, and video formats at last week’s Google Marketing Livestream event, their first in nearly two years. Here are the key new initiatives you need to know about:

  • Image extensions for text ads are now available in beta globally.
  • Broad match has evolved, and combining broad match keywords with smart bidding is Google’s recommended way to grow quickly.
  • Performance Max campaigns, which deliver ads across all Google ad inventory, will be rolled out widely with new insights reporting.
  • Price competitiveness reports added to Google Merchant Centre.
  • Customer Match, which allows advertisers to upload first-party data and retarget customers, is now available to all.
  • Three new local campaign ad formats introduced – Auto Suggest ads, Navigational ads, Similar Places ads – to help drive more in-store sales.
  • Travel providers get opportunities and see more competition as vacation rentals will now be included in Hotel search results

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