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One workshop: 20 years of worldwide business expertise

Your next million is more likely to come from overseas than from your home market. Armed with this fact, more businesses than ever are gearing up to expand into new countries.

You can do it faster than them.

For the first time, we’re offering spaces on a half-day digital course to share the way we help brands like LG, CenterParcs, and UFC break into new markets.

Stop wasting time on hyper-personalised market research. Start expressing your products and services in a way that meets real human need. With hands-on tips and real-world case studies, we’ll show you how that happens.

Here’s what you’ll learn

This half-day virtual workshop uncovers the secret processes and technologies used by global brands to grow worldwide reach:

  • Developing international market strategy
  • Using data to spot customer pain points
  • Expressing your business with clarity and confidence
  • Identifying which customers need you most
  • Applying proven business theory to today’s marketing

Get practical tips. See case studies of what actually works. You’ll leave with the tools, frameworks, and expertise to expand your business anywhere on Earth.

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