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TikTok Content Creators Gain Control Over Ads

TikTok recently announced a new way for creators to contribute to advertisements. Their new “Branded Mission” allows creators who are over 18 and have over 1,000 subscribers to participate in ad campaigns by submitting their own take on the ad’s content. Advertisers are then able to crowdsource top-performing videos from this Branded Mission pool and utilise them as part of their marketing campaigns.

Brands looking to promote their content will create a brief and publish it to the creator community. Creators can then read about this mission and choose if, and how, they want to participate.

TikTok released a blog post, commenting that “Creators are at the center of creativity, culture and entertainment on TikTok. With Branded Mission, we’re excited to bring even more creators into the branded content ecosystem and explore ways to reward emerging and established creators”.

@baselaughs New Feature: Branded Missions #usingtiktok #brandedmissions ♬ original sound – Basel Gazioglu

For advertisers, they’ll be able to showcase their authentic fans and feature a wide spectrum of creators. They won’t have to work as hard to target specific audiences, as they’ll be picking from a pool of content that has already proven successful, thanks to TikTok’s algorithm. Marketers will be able to take a step back and pass over the creativity to the creators themselves, keeping the platform content-heavy while still spreading their brand’s messages. This will likely utilise creator’s existing audiences and boost engagement.

We know that working with the creators themselves boosts an advert’s results. We’ve used TikTok’s creator marketplace to promote Lisa Jewell’s The Night She Disappeared to the right audiences. As a result, we received 757k + clicks from young audiences (18-24 years old) and 5,500 book readers took action on the ad. Read the full case study here. This new Branded Mission will allow brands to create successful campaigns just like that and market successfully on TikTok.

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