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Yahoo! Considers Facebook A Bigger Threat Than Google

While Yahoo! and Google have been known competitors for several years, Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz has made a fairly startling comment recently. Read more →

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Yahoo! Clues Point To Anti-Gay Bias?

Yahoo! has recently launched a new keyword and search comparison tool called Yahoo! Clues. This tool allows search marketers to study patterns followed by users while conducting a search. It also gives information about what terms were searched just before and after a particular keyword. The tool however, has made some glaring omissions. Read more →

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Microsoft And Yahoo! Search Allies In UK

The Microsoft and Yahoo! Search alliance which has taken off in the U.S. and Canada is now preparing to make its way over to Europe. Read more →

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Bing Overtakes Yahoo! In U.S.

A recent report from Nielsen indicates that Microsoft’s search engine Bing has overtaken Yahoo! in terms of popularity in the U.S. market. Read more →

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Yahoo! Search Now Powered By Bing

The Microsoft – Yahoo! Search deal has finally reached the stage of implementation. Read more →

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Microsoft, Yahoo! Allow Users To Choose Ads

Internet users often have to wait through pre-roll ads or look past overlay ads when they want to watch online video. This can be quite irritating to some users. Microsoft and Yahoo! are reportedly thinking of ways to make this less of an irritation. Read more →

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Facebook To Answer Questions

Q&A once again seems to be the in fashion. Following hot on the heels of’s announcement about their return to the question and answers format, Facebook has launched a new feature called Facebook Questions in beta. Read more →

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Earnings Reports Reveal Rebound In U.S. Advertising

Reports of the quarterly earnings of various companies during the second quarter of 2010 have recently been published. These reports indicate an overall recovery in ad-generated revenue in most of the Internet, media and advertising companies. Read more →

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Yahoo! Testing Bing Integration

Yahoo! and Microsoft had struck a deal for a search and advertising partnership last July. The integration of the two search engines has finally started last month. Read more →

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Yahoo! Japan Chooses Google

Last week Yahoo! Japan confirmed that Google will be their local partner for search and ads. The announcement was made by the CEO of Yahoo! Japan, Masahiro Inoue. Read more →

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Social Media Sites Not Regarded Highly

Foresee Results and the American Customer Satisfaction Index, have recently conducted a study to find out how customers in the U.S. feel about various social media sites. Read more →

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Yahoo! Focus On Mobile Content

While Google and Microsoft have been trying hard to dominate the mobile market by launching their own handsets, their competitor Yahoo! has refrained from treading down that path. Read more →

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Yahoo!-Nokia Mobile Deal

Yahoo! and mobile handset manufacturer Nokia have recently announced that they have teamed up to deliver enhanced mobile Internet services. Read more →

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Facebook Top U.S. Display Ad Publisher

Data released by comScore, reveals that Facebook has outdone Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo! to become the top display advertisement publisher in the first quarter of 2010. Read more →

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Yahoo! Reports Changes In Search Behaviour

A white paper released by scientists from Yahoo! Labs sheds light on the changes in search user behaviour. Read more →

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Twitter Claims More Searches Than Bing, Yahoo!

Evan Williams, the co-founder of Twitter, said at the Chirp conference recently that Twitter users carry out about 600 million searches per day. Twitter’s director of search Doug Cook added that the number of queries reaches the 750 million mark on certain days and he expects it to cross 1 billion fairly soon. Read more →

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Facebook, Apple Devouring Natural Energy Resources

With the continuous and rapid growth of the Internet and related technologies, the requirement for power to keep these services live has also gone up tremendously. Read more →

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Yahoo! Target Of Cyber Attacks In China

The issues relating to cyber-attacks in China that led to Google’s withdrawal from the country are not yet over. The BBC is now reporting that Yahoo! email accounts were also targeted. Read more →

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Google Takes Picnik Away From Yahoo!

Google announced yesterday that they have acquired the photo editing site Picnik right from under Yahoo!’s nose, while Yahoo! seems to have done nothing about it! Read more →

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Introducing The Yahoo! And Microsoft Search Alliance

Yahoo! and Microsoft, who have been in talks regarding a search alliance for some time now, have recently received regulatory clearance for the same. Read more →

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