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Team AccuraCast

Farhad Divecha Farhad Divecha Managing Director
Jérôme Divecha Jérôme Divecha International Director
James Porteous-Butler James Porteous-Butler Business Growth Director
Luke Rees Luke Rees Head of Digital
David Perez David Perez Head of Technology
Yazdyar Avari Yazdyar Avari Head of Growth
Katharina Busch Katharina Busch Digital Marketing Consultant
Jose Serrano-Diaz Jose Serrano-Diaz Business Growth Specialist
Stefano Roberti Stefano Roberti Digital Marketing Consultant

Innovative, original, creative, energetic, resourceful, analytical, thorough, logical, trustworthy and knowledgeable – the people at AccuraCast are some of the most dedicated and enthusiastic people you’ll ever work alongside. These are some of the key members of the team that deliver our world leading search engine marketing services:

Whether they are advising clients on search marketing, developing their own technical skills, or creating a better online universe, our consultants bring their extraordinary talent and innovation to every project they work on.

We seek out individuals with outstanding character, a sharp analytical mind, and the ability to work effectively with people. The digital marketing professionals and consultants at AccuraCast form an exceptional team, and have played a major part in creating our reputation as a leading search engine marketing agency.