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The landing page is your only chance to convert online searchers into leads or customers. It’s vital to get it right because it is the first page on your website users see when they click on your ad. If they click away again because they can’t find what they are looking for, then that’s wasted money, and a lost opportunity.

At AccuraCast we’re experts in designing and creating landing pages with impact, that help turn browsers into buyers, and build your sales. We’ve saved money and improved conversion rates for clients large and small in every sector of business. For our dental surgery client Dentaprime, for example, a comprehensive 3-stage landing page design and testing campaign reduced the cost per acquisition by over 60%.

Why we’re leaders in conversion rate optimisation

Expertise – boosting conversion rates is a specialist skill that we have honed over years of experience building landing pages for global brands and SMEs.

Improved conversion rates – give customers what they are looking for and can save you money while controlling customer interactions.

Low cost per click – well optimised landing pages attract a higher Google Ads Quality Score and can lower your costs per click.

Proven track record – we enjoy a track record of consistently boosting conversion rates and reducing cost per acquisition.

Comprehensive services – everything from multi-page forms to dynamic content and A/B testing to maximise the effectiveness of your advertising.

Latest technology – measurable results delivered using a range of tools and the latest technologies.

Outstanding support – call on our additional support and training services whenever you need them.

What makes a great landing page?

Landing page design plays an extremely important role in your ad campaigns. A great landing page should:

  • Immediately confirm that the visitor will find what they came looking for – by including the query term prominently on the page
  • Have a clear call to action – such as filling out a form, ordering a trial, buying a product or service
  • Be succinct
  • Include pleasing images and product shots
  • Include prices
  • Provide clear incentives to buy – such as discounts, product comparisons, service guarantees, support etc.

Effective Landing Pages

A landing page designed by the experts at AccuraCast will improve visitor retention rates and convert more clicks into leads or customers for your business.

Our design services include construction of online forms, surveys, information requests and trial downloads for your visitors. Creative split testing can be carried out to identify the perfect combination of text, images and video for your product.

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