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Paid Search Advertising Agency for B2B Brands

We specialise in helping ambitious B2B brands scale internationally through PPC advertising campaigns designed to drive more qualified traffic to your website, and increase leads and sales.. For over 20 years, AccuraCast has partnered with B2B advertisers to generate billions of £/$/€ in additional revenue for their businesses.

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Why B2B brands need paid search (PPC)

Research has found 71% of B2B researchers start their purchase journey with a generic search. Search ads place your brand in front of potential customers in the moments that matter on Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, Naver, and other search engines.

At AccuraCast, we’re leaders in the development of effective international PPC campaigns that deliver returns for B2B advertisers.

PPC optimisation

We combine smarter bid strategies with creative copy writing and proprietary AI to reduce costs per click (CPC), so you pay less per lead or sale, especially on expensive B2B keywords.

PPC campaign management

AccuraCast is a Google Partner and Microsoft Advertising Partner. We set up effectively structured campaigns on Google, Microsoft / Bing, Baidu, Yandex, Naver, and other search engines, with intelligent customer journey mapping, keyword grouping, ad copy, targeting settings, and bidding methods set to ideally attract the maximum clicks and leads for your budget.

Our PPC advertising services include:
  • B2B customer journey mapping
  • Keyword strategy
  • Multilingual keyword research
  • Ad copywriting
  • Creative copy localisation
  • Bid strategy and management
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Ad testing

AccuraCast has been key to transforming our presence in Swiss and European markets. I would recommend AccuraCast especially for their abilities in rational analysis and their experience in the complex and ever-changing world of online marketing in a multinational setting.

Stephen Clothier - Accurity

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What makes AccuraCast the right PPC agency for you?

We are a specialist B2B PPC agency, offering everything from multilingual keyword research and PPC campaign management to landing page creation.


Our experts understand the challenges of B2B advertising, and create paid search campaigns designed to drive clicks and settings tailored to your exact needs.

Proven track record

Success stories backed by solid facts and figures. During the last year, we delivered 8% higher ad click-through rates than competitors, and a 19.2% reduction in cost per acquisition.

ROI focus

Our data-led approach helps reduce advertising costs, improves conversion rates and lowers costs per lead – delivering measurable returns on your investment.

Outstanding support

As Google and Microsoft Certified Partners, we grant you access to the latest tools and thinking. Call on our additional support and training services whenever you need them.