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Product Catalogue & Dynamic Ads Setup

Connect your catalogue to sell on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and TikTok. Create immersive shopping & discovery experiences to promote your products in dynamic ads as well as on organic posts and stories.


We’re Meta Business Partners, and have established partnerships with TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter, backed by years of experience offering technical services. We’re experts at maximising advertising effectiveness with creative and technology, including tracking Pixels, dynamic ads, and product catalogues.

Dynamic Ads

Promote your best products with dynamic ads. Create enhanced buying experiences, enabling seamless search, discovery, and purchase of your products.

Dynamic advertising formats

Promote your catalogue of products and services on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and WhatsApp. Enable Discovery Commerce and Financial Discovery to unlock unexpected audiences, provide seamless shopping experiences and build relationships that last.

Automatically show relevant items from your catalogue to people who’ve shown an interest. Catalogues can be created for travel, real estate, education, and a range of products.

We provide bespoke setup, optimisation, and troubleshooting services for multi-currency and multi-language catalogues to enhance dynamic ad campaigns with improved match rates, and greater customer reach.

Meta Advertising API Specialist
Meta Mobile Ad Technical Specialist
Catalogues for dynamic ad formats and shops:
  • Facebook & Instagram catalogues
  • Facebook & Instagram Shops
  • TikTok Shop
  • Multi-currency catalogue
  • Multi-language catalogue
  • Discovery Commerce
  • Financial Discovery
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Flight Ads
  • Hotel Ads
  • Destination Ads
  • Automotive Inventory Ads
  • Real Estate Ads

Need help with Catalogue setup & integration?

We have thoroughly enjoyed working on improving our Facebook event tracking and Facebook Catalogue setup with the team at AccuraCast. They have been really helpful, responsive and a delight to work with. Thank you!

Katie Bessant - Fielding Financial

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