Programmatic Display Advertising

Reach your customers with the right message, at the right time, wherever they are, with sophisticated data-led automation, designed to scale with your business needs. Purchase premium display ad inventory with our programmatic campaign management service.

Why you need Programmatic advertising

According to a recent study, internet users spend only 4% of their online time on search. Programmatic display ads help you reach users in the 96% of the time spent outside of search engines, across websites, mobile apps, YouTube, Gmail and other affiliated networks. 

Display & Video 360

Google DV360 offers the widest reach with powerful optimisation features devised specifically to achieve your business’ goals.

Programmatic campaign management

With programmatic ad buying you can find and buy premium inventory, design and manage rich media creative, organise and apply audience data, and optimise efficiently over time so your campaigns keep getting better.

Working with a Google Certified Company such as AccuraCast, you benefit from guaranteed expertise of both DV360, and programmatic best practices to make sure your ads reach all those potential customers.

Benefits of our programmatic advertising service include:
  • 100% transparency
  • Advertise on premium inventory
  • Control your spending precisely
  • Access to cross-channel first-party data
  • Seamlessly integrate campaigns with AI
  • Automated bidding and optimisation
  • Integration with Google Marketing Platform
  • Wide range of bidding strategies
  • Real-time measurement and bidding

I was very impressed with the consistent hard work and dedication AccuraCast put in throughout our campaign, adapting to any situation as it happened and helping to ensure its overall success.

Beth Cockeram - Penguin Random House

Our Clients

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Why we’re leaders in programmatic

We provide an end-to-end programmatic campaign management service which includes media planning, setup, creative management, strategy, performance optimisation, and reporting.


Investment in a range of tools and proprietary AI technology empowers us to increase revenues and deliver higher returns for our clients .


We require complete transparency from our partners and maintain the same with our clients. We do not charge any hidden markups and pass on any kick-backs to our clients.

ROI focus

Performance-led approach facilitated by our cross-platform AI helps reduce advertising costs, improve conversion rates, and increase return on ad spend across all channels.

Outstanding support

As Google DV360 Certified Partners, we have access the latest tools and thinking. Call on our additional support and training services whenever you need them.