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LinkedIn Launches Service For Advertisers

By October 28, 2008July 30th, 2023No Comments

LinkedIn launched a new service called LinkedIn Surveys last month, which will conduct surveys to help advertisers, reach their target audience. The target audience being professionals and decision makers such as executives and IT experts, who are members of this social network.

This will be possible because LinkedIn possesses a lot of detailed information about their clients, and this data is also regularly updated. By accessing this data, through LinkedIn’s new service, it will be possible for advertisers to decide which of these clients they wish to target for a given ad campaign. Users will also be happy, as they will be seeing ads which are relevant to their needs, and thus they will not waste time on irrelevant ads.

Director for advertising sales, at LinkedIn, Steve Patrizi says, “the LinkedIn audience network offers advertisers one of the most accurate audience data sets available on the web, along with the confidence of knowing that their brands will only appear on sites with high editorial standards”. This service should prove to be effective as LinkedIn is a social network dealing in business and careers and has almost 30 million members worldwide, and is growing at half a million customers every week. as its members find new ways to interact with each other and solve many business related problems.

Scott Spry, COO, Phoenix Marketing International, a client of LinkedIn Surveys, says, “LinkedIn Surveys has allowed us to quickly and cost effectively obtain feedback from real professionals who provide authentic perspectives.”

LinkedIn has been able to raise funds to the tune of $22.7 million from various investors such as Goldman Sachs, Sap Ventures, etc. for this venture of theirs as these investors feel that this service will be capable of creating value and transforming industry.