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Internet Usage In South East Asia Surges

A recent report from Nielsen has indicated that Internet use in South East Asia is on the rise.  The study finds that not only is the internet growing in popularity but it is even out-shining the use of other traditional media channels such as TV radio and the print media. Read more →

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Google Android Apps Blocked In China

First they blocked Google search, driving the world’s most popular search engine out of the country, now the Chinese authorities seem to have set their sights on Google Android. Read more →

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Facebook Figures Out Way Into China

It has just been reported that Facebook has entered into a deal with the popular Chinese search engine Baidu, in order to launch their services in China. Read more →

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Piracy Problems Not Just Big In Asia

While a lot of negative media attention around the issue of piracy is focused on Asia, that is by no means the only continent where piracy is rampant. Read more →

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Google Defends Shrinking Chinese Market

In spite of recent reports suggesting that Google has lost a substantial portion of their market share in China, the search giant has not given up the fight.  Read more →

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Google’s Share Drops To Half After China Withdrawal

While Google is the leader for mobile search with over 90% of the market share on a global basis, they have recently suffered a setback in China. Read more →

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Mobile Is The Best Route To Some Markets

A recent report on the Nielsen Blog indicates that the growth of the information and communications sectors is showing a changing trend across the world. This is especially true in countries with a growing middle-class population such as India, China, Russia, Bangladesh, Turkey and Egypt. Read more →

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Social Media Dominates Asian Internet Use

Nielsen has recently released the findings of their study about the use of social networks in the Asia Pacific region. As expected, the use of social media is growing in popularity in that region. Read more →

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Yahoo! Target Of Cyber Attacks In China

The issues relating to cyber-attacks in China that led to Google’s withdrawal from the country are not yet over. The BBC is now reporting that Yahoo! email accounts were also targeted. Read more →

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GoDaddy Stops Offering Chinese Domain Names

Following closely on the heels of Google, the popular domain registrar GoDaddy has also announced their decision to pull out of the Chinese market. Read more →

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Google Exits China

Google formally announced plans to leave China yesterday after their threat to stop censoring search result on was met with severe opposition from the Chinese government. Read more →

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Microsoft Plans To Make Hay While Google Battles China

Following Google’s recent declaration that the search engine might pull out of China if it is not allowed to show uncensored search results, the spotlight has also fallen on rival, Microsoft, who has also started operations in China. Read more →

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Google China Backtracks On Censorship Decision

Following a spate of highly sophisticated and targeted attacks on Google’s infrastructure, which originated from China, Google has decided to review their business operations in that country. Read more →

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Google AdWords Driving Export Business

Google is driving AdWords advertising revenues by exploring some decidedly different markets. Last week we noted that they were offering Google Webmaster Tools users in France 100 € free credit on AdWords. This week they’re emailing small and medium enterprises offering advice on entering the export market. Read more →

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China Telecom Selects mInfo For Mobile Search

China Telecom was recently on the look out for a partner to provide search solutions to their subscribers. They have now announced that they have chosen Shanghai-based company, mInfo, as their partner to provide mobile search services to users all over China. Read more →

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China Bans YouTube, Again

YouTube, seems to have run into trouble with the Chinese authorities yet again. The site was blocked in China, again, last week. Read more →

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UK Housewives Spending More Leisure Time Online

The results of a recent survey conducted by global market information group TNS reveals an interesting pattern, about free time spent online, by users across different countries. Read more →

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China Spying And Censoring Skype Conversations

A report from Canadian researchers affiliated to the University of Toronto have revealed that China has been blocking messages that contain certain ‘sensitive words’. Read more →

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Chinese Mobile Ad Industry Thriving

China’s mobile ad industry has taken a huge leap forward in the first half of 2008. The nation’s leading mobile advertising company, Madhouse, Inc., has reportedly served over 2.3 billion mobile ad impressions in the first half of this year, which is already about 5 times the total number of mobile ads served in the entire previous year. Read more →

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IOC Disapproves China Protest Video On YouTube

Tibetans all over the world have been protesting Chinese policies and demanding autonomy for themselves. As part of these protests, a candle light vigil was held in Manhattan, last Thursday night, near the Chinese Consulate, during which images of Chinese atrocities were projected. Amongst these images, was the famous Olympic logo. The Olympic rings were then shown turning into handcuffs. These images, were video recorded and put up on YouTube. Read more →

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