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Twitter Expands Its Tweets

The popular microblogging site Twitter has recently launched a new version of ‘Expanded Tweets’. Read more →

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Social Networking Most Popular Online Activity

A recent report from comScore highlights the fact that social networking is today the most popular activity, worldwide on the Internet.  Read more →

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Twitter Receives $300 Million Bounty

Popular microblogging site, Twitter, has received an investment of $300 million from an Arab Prince. Read more →

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Twitter Targets SME Advertisers

Twitter has already become a fairly popular marketing site for big brands and it is now setting its sites on small and medium sized businesses. In order to attract this segment of the market, they will have to lure the online ad agencies that cater to these businesses. Read more →

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Twitter Building Team To Turn Profit

Twitter has slowly but surely been turning their focus towards creating revenue from the site. According to a report from Reuters, Twitter has now started building a team that would help them to make money from the free service they are providing to their customers. Read more →

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Twitter Profitable In 2009

Over the last year or so, everybody has been wondering about how Twitter manages to survive without monetising the site. Read more →

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MMS Updates On Twitter Via Orange

U.K. mobile operator Orange has announced a partnership with Twitter to introduce MMS support on Twitter. Read more →

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Mixx + Twitter = TweetMixx + Self-spam?

With Twitter growing larger by leaps and bounds everyday, it is getting increasingly difficult for users to decide whom to follow and which tweets they would find interesting and relevant. To help users, Mixx has now stepped in to simplify matters. Read more →

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Twitter Monetisation Through Commercial Accounts

For a long time now, there has been speculation that Twitter will start some service that would provide the site with an opportunity to earn some revenue. They now seem ready to do just that. Read more →

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Can Facebook Justify Acquiring FriendFeed?

Facebook has been trying hard to offer the latest and most popular new social features to their users. In an attempt to mimic Twitter’s functionality they bought the social media sharing site FriendFeed last week for a tidy sum of $47.5 million. Read more →

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