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Twitter Targets SME Advertisers

By March 2, 2011July 30th, 2023No Comments

Twitter has already become a fairly popular marketing site for big brands and it is now setting its sites on small and medium sized businesses. In order to attract this segment of the market, they will have to lure the online ad agencies that cater to these businesses.

Some agencies in the USA have already been invited to test Twitter’s ad serving platforms, and their clients have seen an encouraging results. This could, of course, be due to the relative novelty of the advertising medium.

Some of the products that have been marketed through Twitter include health supplements and books. In the short period since the advertisers started using Twitter as a medium to advertise, they have found that the money spent is less than what they do on Google and Facebook, and at the same time they have received mare orders from Twitter than from Google and Facebook.

Targeting small and medium businesses seems like a good move on the part of Twitter, especially in light of the fact that Google owes its popularity in large part to this sector of the market.

Twitter has started efforts to develop a self-service platform since last December, and they hope that their 200 million users will respond favourably to their advertising initiatives.

The micro-blogging site started advertising as a means of monetisation only last year. They generated $45 million in revenue through this means last year. They hope to be able to generate $150 million through ads this year.

Twitter is also likely to introduce location-based targeting in the near future, as the service is often accessed on mobile phones.