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Popular professional networking site, LinkedIn, has recently launched a new service called LinkedIn Today.

The new service is a social news product and it was officially launched yesterday, shortly after an ex-employee of LinkedIn, Mrinal Desai, blogged about it on TechCrunch.

According to Desai, this new feature could help to turn LinkedIn into the Wall Street Journal of the social world. While Twitter and Facebook have been competing with each other to be the most popular social network for some time now, this new feature on LinkedIn could give LinkedIn an edge over the two, especially in the business world.

Mrinal Desai reportedly also recently received an email from the URL ‘’. This could well be a precursor to the formal launch of what he called “LinkedIn Headlines”. This email contained all the most-shared news on his network.

LinkedIn Headlines news via email

So far, it has been observed that LinkedIn is used mainly by sales personnel and people who recruit new staff for their companies. If this new feature is publicised well, it could make LinkedIn a far more popular and well-used social network.

LinkedIn has also recently added a new feature called Skills, which allows users to learn more about any skills that they are interested in.

Skills, in conjunction with LinkedIn Today will allow users to collect more information on topics ranging from the highly technical to general, which is something that sites like Facebook and Twitter would find difficult.

Update: Screenshot of LinkedIn Today