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Social network marketing is an immensely powerful medium. If your business needs to reach younger or more affluent prospects, if you want your brand to be talked about, if you’re concerned about remaining modern and relevant to today’s consumers, then you need to take advantage and become an innovator, not a follower.

At AccuraCast, we’re pioneers in this arena, creating campaigns that deliver exceptional results, with audiences and growth figures that are simply astonishing. For the NHS, for example, we created a stroke awareness social media marketing campaign targeting YouTube and Facebook users that attracted more than two million viewers of the ads and video in under three months. For LG, we turned a marketing video into a viral sensation that attracted over a million hits.

Why we’re leaders in social network marketing

Proven results – social media marketing is relatively new but we have already chalked up significant successes for our clients, with impressive figures and direct benefits to their campaigns.

Knowledgeable – we’re highly experienced in promoting brands on all the major social media platforms.

Innovative – we’re known for new ideas and pioneering thinking, coming up with campaigns that grab attention and build brand loyalty for our clients.

Experienced – we’ve been working with online social networks since they began, and we what know what works and what doesn’t for different types of clients.

Professional – creating a social presence requires a careful balance: we need to deliver compelling content, it needs to be fun, but we’re always mindful of protecting our clients’ brands and remaining professional.

Training – we can train your people in core social networking skills and insight into each network to fast-track your marketing efforts.

Comprehensive services – from campaign creation to viral promotion and performance analysis.

Outstanding support – call on our additional support and training services whenever you need them.

Understanding social networks

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, and Pinterest have become household names and are visited by millions of Internet users, young and old, every day. If you have no presence on these sites, then you run the risk of being ignored or forgotten by modern consumers. Or, worse still, your brand might be talked about, attacked even, and you won’t be there to put your point of view.

Our social network marketing service is designed to bring your business to where it matters – the place where your target market hangs out.

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With AccuraCast's help and advice we went on to have a really successful recruitment period, where many of our clients said that they had found us through Google searches.

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