Google Webmaster Central Promoting AdWords In France

By July 7, 20094 Comments

French website owners who don’t currently advertise on Google AdWords might notice a message waiting for them when logged into Google Webmaster Tools.

The message prompts webmasters to give Google AdWords a try, as an alternative means for sending traffic to their website and even offers 100 € free AdWords credit to get them started.

Like all Google promotions, this one is cleverly interwoven into a helpful email. They start by pointing users to the Webmaster Support / Help page and their search engine optimisation starter guide. Only after that do they add that the AdWords programme is just another effective way to drive traffic to a site.

The message ends with a quick run-down of the advantages of advertising via AdWords.

Google has not remained unaffected by the economic downturn. This promotion is just one more example of the various new means they are trying to drive advertisers expenditure. The search giant is continuously testing ways to broaden its advertising platform’s reach, prompt more users to click on ads and convincing more advertisers to spend a greater portion of their media budget on AdWords.

Screenshot of message promoting AdWords to Webmaster Tools users


  • Martin Lewis says:

    Well, they certainly stay ahead of the game with a bit of creativity.

  • qwertyweb says:

    i too got it but its not gonna be useful coz u cant use the 100$ credit unless u pay the activation fee 5$ , so only when u pay fee by paypal or visa or credit card then only u can use this coupan

  • kamsyn says:

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