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Google Ads Management

At AccuraCast, we provide the expertise you need to set up, optimise and manage your Google Ads campaigns, saving you time, improving results.

Why you need Google Ads

Through Google Ads, you can target Internet users searching for your products and services. While it is an exceptional advertising medium, the Google Ads platform is complex, and getting the best out of the system requires skill, experience, and a significant amount of time and resources.

Setup & management

Gain visibility, increase click-through rates, lower costs per click and improve your advertising ROI.

Google Ads Automation

Take your Google Ads campaigns to the next level with advanced automation. We create custom automations that eliminate the hassle of manually setting up large-scale ad campaigns, bid management, marketing mix modelling, optimising conversion rates and developing attractive ad creative.

We are a Google Partner agency – and we’ve even been featured by Google on their agency success stories.

Google Ads enables you to:
  • Advertise to potential customers when they are searching for your products or services
  • Reach a wider audience than any other medium – Google ads are seen by 80% of the users on the Internet
  • Specifically target Internet users who are most likely to buy your products
  • Target customers geographically
  • Pay only for customers who click on your advertisements

AccuraCast are fantastic to work with. I have worked with them for a number of years and will continue to for many more to come. They are always brilliant at keeping me up-to-date with digital trends and ensuring our campaigns drive the best results.

Merle Bennett - Penguin Random House

Our Clients

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Why we’re leaders in Google Ads management

We can take care of everything from keyword research to on-going campaign management. Our services cover search, remarketing, display, video, shopping, mobile, Analytics, and more.


We don’t rely on tools to automate everything, but use human expertise and business intelligence to determine the best keyword, bid, and ad strategy for your business.


Along with our human input, we are known for staying ahead of the curve by always testing and implementing the very latest tools and features of Google Ads, to give your business a competitive edge.

Breadth of vision

We utilise all the formats available in Google Ads, including display, product ads, promoted video, product and location extensions, sitelinks, and mobile click-to-call features.

Time saving

Effective campaign management can be quite time consuming and there’s a steep learning curve. Get on with core business while we take care of campaign set up and management