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International markets differ in competition, demand, costs, data protection, culture and aspirations and getting it wrong can be costly.

AccuraCast in the UK and Motivity in the US – both industry leaders in the digital marketing space – have launched a joint venture to help ambitious brands successfully reach international audiences by navigating its markets, cultures and regulations.

Entering new markets can be challenging and getting it wrong can be costly, but this new collaboration, which combines AccuraCast’s proficiency in digital marketing with Motivity’s strategic expertise, will help businesses on both sides of the Atlantic get it right.

“International growth in digital marketing is a whole new ball game. All the differences in competition, demand, costs, data protection, culture, and aspirations, are changing more rapidly than ever,” said Farhad Divecha, managing director of AccuraCast in London.

“Working alongside Kevin Ryan and the Motivity Marketing team in New York, who will provide strategic direction, we will help brands navigate all the potential challenges and ensure the brand’s digital marketing campaigns successfully prioritize, penetrate, and measure success.”

Distinct from the vast networks of global agencies, AccuraCast and Motivity stand out as independent entities, each with a global outlook, yet deeply rooted in local intelligence. Their partnership marks a unique convergence, where exacting digital strategy and bespoke local insights come together, leveraging the strength of their independence to forge innovative solutions. Both provide transparent fee structures and a promise that the tacticians and strategists met at the pitch process are those who execute the day-to-day work.

“Motivity is renowned in the US for taking the strategic value of digital marketing next level and has decades of experience working with challenger brands through to businesses like Rolex, Sony, Thales and Aramark. Its founder, Kevin Ryan, is known throughout the digital marketing world and he takes great pride on his commitment to staying close to the work by guiding the day-to-day strategic execution. His agency will be a valued extension to our team,” said Farhad.

“Localisation is key to this collaboration. Adapting a market-specific brand is vital and requires natives on the ground who truly understand the needs of the region to find the best approach and effectively communicate the proposition,” said Ryan.

“We know the US market inside out and look forward to using our strategic expertise to help British and European brands succeed this side of the pond.”

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About AccuraCast

AccuraCast helps B2B brands grow internationally. We devise marketing strategies for growth with data-led online advertising, innovative social media marketing, and international search engine optimisation.

About Motivity

Motivity is a New York based digital marketing firm providing next level strategic advice and direction for companies seeking powerful growth in the connected world. Founder, Kevin Ryan, is described by journalists as a ‘pioneer in his field’ and has shared his knowledge of interactive marketing on CNN and in New York Times among many other media outlets.