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Ad Targeting Options From Yahoo!

By March 23, 2009July 30th, 2023No Comments

Yahoo! Search Marketing has recently added some new features to help advertisers reach their target audiences. Better targeting will in turn mean more sales and more income, which means more value for the money, the advertiser spends on his campaign.

The 3 new features are as follows.

Demographic Targeting: Advertisers will now be able to select their target audience, based on age groups as well as gender separation. They can accordingly set higher bids for their target audience, while paying lower rates for others. Considering the wide spread user base which Yahoo! has, it would certainly help advertisers save some money, if they pay a lower rate for the non-target audience.

Ad Scheduling: Depending on the time of the day, or the days of the week, when the advertiser expects to receive a better response from his target audience, or the timings of his business, an advertiser can decide to run his ads at certain times, and on certain days. This ad schedule can be set according to the users time zone or according to the advertisers time zone. A similar feature was available in the past, and was known as dayparting.

Enhanced ZIP-level geo-targeting: The geo-targeting facility provided by Yahoo! Search Marketing, has been further updated compared to the beta ZIP- level targeting which was available earlier. Advertisers will now be able to mix and match geo-targeting settings at different levels, within a given ad campaign or ad group. The newly introduced dynamic mapping features will allow advertisers to select individual ZIP-codes and ZIP-codes surrounding them.

All of the above features will be available on both Sponsored Search and Content Match.

Considering the current financial meltdown, it would be good for advertisers to have these options with which to reach the maximum possible target audience with the minimal possible expenditure.