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Android Favoured For Phones

By June 3, 2010July 30th, 2023No Comments

Google’s Android Operating System has been given the thumbs up by many hardware manufacturers. In fact, it is widely believed that Android will be the most popular operating system for phones and tablet PCs in the near future.

Although the Android operating system was first made with the intention of using it for mobile phones, it is now being used in other devices such as netbooks and tablets PCs.

Victoria Fodale, an analyst at ABI Research, has estimated that by the year 2015, the Android Operating System will be the base for 33% of Linux-enabled smartphones.

According to Fodale, one of the important reasons for the sudden growth in the popularity of the Android, is its flexibility, as it can easily be modified to suit different products.

Jen-Hsun Huang, the Chief Executive of graphics chip supplier, Nvidia says, “The good news is that we finally have an operating system to unite behind.” He further says, that Windows is not suitable for tablets, as it is too big and has too many features.

In quite a contrast to Huang’s opinion, however, computer and device makers, Asus have announced that they will be launching a Windows-based tablet next year.

One should not forget that Android has yet to globally overtake the popular Apple OS X operating system, which is used in the extremely popular iPhone and iPad. With Apple having sold 1 million iPads in just four weeks after it was launched, manufacturers have realised that there is a great demand for tablets and they will surely try to cash-in on that demand soon.

Intel, Nokia and Samsung have also announced 2 Linux-based operating systems, “bada” from Samsung and “MeeGo” from Intel and Nokia.