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Android Most Popular On New Mobiles

By October 12, 2010July 30th, 2023One Comment

Data released by the Nielsen Company for the month of August indicates that Android has grown to be the most popular operating system among U.S. consumer who bought smartphones in the last six months.

Competitors BlackBerry RIM and Apple iOS are running neck-to-neck for the second slot.

Between January and August 2010 the Android OS has grown steadily from a modest 14% market share to 32%.

RIM on the other hand has been wavering between 34% in January to 37% in March and 26% at present. Similarly, the Apple iOS has gone down from a high of 32% in January to about 25% at present.

However, when the total number of smartphone owners are compared, BlackBerry wins the first place with 31% of the market and is followed by Apple with 28%. Android devices have only 19% of the market share as yet but are bound to catch up if the current growth rate is upheld.

However, if Apple’s plans to make a deal with Verizon and T-Mobile materialise, the picture could change in favour of Apple.