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The latest State of The Mobile Web report from Opera focuses on the habits of users of different mobile operating systems. The study finds that users of different operating systems have different mobile browsing habits.

The study, based on data from AdMarvel Open Audience Network, uses information collected from users of the Opera Mini mobile web browser. It compares the habits of Android users with the habits of iPhone users, Windows Phone users, Blackberry users as well as users of other feature phones.

It was found that Windows Phone users were the most likely to visit email and communications sites – even more than Blackberry users. This would go on to suggest that similar to Blackberry device, Windows Phones were popular with the business community. These users were also most frequent visitors to news & information, politics and business & finance sites.

Users of the Android OS were likely to be the most educated. This suggestion is based on the fact that Android users are the largest group in the Education category, which includes websites for universities and general education.

iPhone users were found to be least likely to view music, video and media sites, whereas Android users were most likely to visit sites in that category.

It was also seen that Android users are the least likely to visit social networks from their browser – presumably preferring to use free apps to access the social networks.

Percentage of users exceeding the average use