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Bored Googlers Create Demo Slam

By October 22, 2010July 30th, 2023No Comments

Google has either run out of cool ideas or is trying very hard to get more and more of their users to watch all their tech demos.

A new site, called Demo Slam, was officially announced yesterday. The site hosts a competition of sorts, where two tech demos are pitted against each other, and Google will decide which one is better, based on a combination of user votes and video views.

It is hoped that after seeing the initial tech demos seeded by Google, users will be inspired to develop their own tech demos on any subject and these demos may be more interesting to the average user when placed in such a setting.

In order to encourage users to see these demos, Google will conduct a competition each week, on a given subject.

Users can create a tech demo, upload the video on YouTube and submit their entries to the Demo Slam website, where selected demos will have the chance to compete against others and potentially earn more acclaim than they would have without Google’s help. Google wants these uploaded tech demos to be seen by as many people as possible so that they become aware of all the latest technology being made available to them by Google.

Users will be allowed to vote for their favourite videos during the weekly demo slam competition and a Demo Slam Champ will be selected every week.

While the format is cool and could potentially help push a few tech ideas further than they would have gone on their own steam, this doesn’t seem to be one for the masses. Have the Googlers at Mountain View run out of ideas or is this just the way for a few geeks to kill boredom?