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Content Owners Make Money On YouTube With Video ID

By September 2, 2008July 30th, 2023No Comments

Towards the end of 2007, Google had launched a new means for content owners to track unauthorized videos on YouTube. This new product called Video ID, puts content owners in a position to control the use of their content, by means of the latest technology now available.

Content owners will now have the prerogative to decide for themselves, what they wish to do with these unauthorized clips. They can either block the videos, or promote them. In fact, if they choose to promote the videos, they will now be able to make some money through it, by inserting an ad in the video clip.

Over the last few months, Google has come to the conclusion that the vast majority (90%) of their partners, have chosen to monetize their videos, instead of blocking them.

It has become quite clear to most of Google’s Video ID partners, including CBS, Universal Music, Lionsgate, Electronic Arts etc. that, with this new technology, they will be able to encourage creativity, while also being more accessible to their fans, and at the same time make good use of a great opportunity for monetization.
Google said, “These partners now have a new way to successfully distribute and market their content online”.

Most content owners now seem to have realized, that instead of fighting YouTube, which is after all the number one video sharing site, it would be better to join hands with them and promote their videos, while at the same time making some money, which after all has to be the primary reason to fight piracy.