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Directions For Public Transportation Through Mobiles

By June 12, 2008July 30th, 2023No Comments

In the past users have surely benefited, from the inclusion of directions for public transportation on Google Maps, as it makes it easier for them to travel from place to place, by buses and trains, without the risk of getting lost by getting onto the wrong bus or train. People can also save on the expensive fuel required to use their own cars, and indirectly also reduce traffic jams.

However it was necessary to plan out the travel strategy, from home or office itself, where one had access to their desk top.

Google has now decided to change that. They have lately introduced a new version of Google Maps, which is accessible through mobile phones, in most of the important cities of North America. This will now allow users to check out public transport routes while on the move and take instant decisions regarding their travel plans.

This new version of Google Maps, for mobiles, has some additional features incorporated in it. For e.g. one can check out the timing of the first and last trip for the day on a given route, and thus plan ones schedule accordingly.

Another feature called “My Location” allows users to set the starting point of their trip based on their current location. The availability of this feature depends on the handset being used.

Users can also find out if there is a traffic jam on certain routes, or the location of the nearest coffee shop, late night restaurant etc.

Other features such as fast searches, star ratings of businesses etc. Are also available on BlackBerry and other Java-based phones.

One can download this facility from from the desktop or mobile.

This facility should also be accessible on other handsets in the near future.