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Flickr Launches New Map Applications

By November 19, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

Photo sharing site Flickr is launching an improved mapping application this week. Flickr Maps allows users to associate their images with a specific location on the map.

Users can currently browse a map of the world and click on the markers to view images from various continents, zoom in on a specific location to find photographs from that place or view a geographic layout of a particular user’s images.

Screenshot of Flickr Maps

The upgraded application will provide a new, enhanced world map with photo streams, and something called Flickr Places, which would enable one to limit searches to specific locations and see a variety of information deemed relevant to a particular spot upon the globe, be it a city, town, or even a single landmark. Flickr Places will identify 100,000 searchable hotspots from the existing map application, and combine it with the advanced search and new features such as “hot tags”.

The new tool is particularly suitable for travelers to view and share photographs. Visitors to the Yahoo!-owned social media site can filter results on the maps application by group, person or date of the image.

Flickr receives over 40 million visitors each month and hosts more than 2 billion images. Flickr maps can be accessed by clicking on the link below: