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Four Billion Photos On Flickr

By October 14, 2009July 30th, 2023No Comments

Yahoo!’s popular photo sharing site Flickr continues to grow in popularity, leaving Google Picasa far behind. Only last Saturday, the 12th of October 2009, one of Flickr’s users posted the 4 billionth photo on the site.

This landmark has been achieved in just five and a half months since photo number 3 billion was posted on the site, and that in turn was achieved almost 18 months after photo number 2 billion was posted there. This shows that the rate of growth of photos being posted on the site has gone up by over three times what it was between photo numbers 2 billion and 3 billion. While photos number 2 billion and 3 billion are still posted on the site, photo number 1 billion is no longer available.

At the centre of all the hullabaloo thus created over the 4 billionth photo is user Punimoe, who has been receiving a lot of congratulatory messages on uploading photo number 4 billion.

While this growth rate is certainly substantial it is nowhere near to the rate at which the numbers of photos on the popular social network Facebook, are growing. Their unlimited storage space has lured away a lot of users. They had reported having 15 billion photos on their site, way back in April 2009, and are believed to be getting about 2 billion new photos every month since then.

Flickr, which was set up in February 2004 by Vancouver based Ludicorp, and was bought over by Yahoo! in 2005, is still a very popular photo sharing site, but is facing stiff competition from Facebook.