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Foursquare has recently launched a new feature known as Business Pages to help businesses market themselves through the local social network.

This new service has features that will help businesses that have a physical venue such as a store or restaurant, as well those who do not have a physical venue, but offer a service such as a TV channel, a university or an upcoming movie release.

Businesses with a physical venue, who wish to avail of this facility, will be required to follow a three-step process. They will first have to claim their business location. They then create a special for their clients who would check in to the location through Foursquare. Lastly, they would have to analyse the data they receive through the campaign to further improve their business.

Foursquare business page for AccuraCast

A Foursquare special can be any kind of discount or other inducement for users to check in via Foursquare when visiting the venue. New and regular customers can be lured and rewarded with different specials. This way, the business is not only exposed to the users, but also to all their friends and contacts on the network.

Above and beyond specials offered by the business, users can also earn badges and points from Foursquare, which get displayed on their profile.

Businesses that do not have a physical venue or do not host customers at their offices can also create a page on Foursquare. This page will have the logo and other details about the business. It will also be linked to other social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Users accessing these pages will be rewarded with badges from the business.

Foursquare brand page for Zagat

The Business Pages for brands are not yet open to the general public on a self-serve basis. Interested businesses will have to fill out and submit a form to Foursquare after which the page will be created. Foursquare will also provide these businesses with access to their Venue Stats dashboard, so that they can analyse the results of their campaigns.

Start here to claim your business page on Foursquare