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Google Media Server Now Connects With TV

By July 9, 2008July 30th, 2023One Comment

Google recently announced the availability of a new gadget called the ‘Google Media Server’ or ‘Google Media Player’. The device will enable customers to watch content stored in the computer memory on their television set.

This new UPnP driven gadget makes it possible for users to interconnect their computers and the TV by storing movies, videos and images on the computer and then watching them on the big screen at their convenience.

Free and commercial software packages are available, to store such data on a hard drive and then watch it on television later. This will be yet another step by Google to combat the popularity of its rival Microsoft. This is their first product offering that goes up against the extremely popular Windows Media Player.

This device will contain technology to find and then send images and videos from the computer to UPnP compatible hardware. Google Media Server will use technology from Google Desktop, such as desktop gadgets, and Google Desktop Search to locate files.

Google loyalists will surely be enthralled by this new package. The setup only require Google Desktop on the PC and a UPnP enabled device such as a Sony PlayStation 3. More information can be found on the Google Gadgets web page:

Google Media Server