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How Will Digg Replace Shouts?

By June 22, 2009July 30th, 2023No Comments

Recently, when Digg announced the closure of Shouts, in favour of sharing, they also said they would be introducing a new communication system, which would not be subject to the same problems as Shouts.

They have now released some details of what the new system should comprehend, through an interview with the LA Times. Their primary concern is that the new tool should focus on conversation, and not on Diggs.

Digg CEO, Jay Adelson says, “a tool that would focus on actual conversations, rather than the mass dumping of links that polluted Shouts. Digg is considering making a ‘one-to-one’ service. It’s not so much a sharing problem. It’s more of a communication problem, where I have one user who wants to talk to another user.”

In other words, the open broadcast links of Shout, where lots of people send links to one post, will be replaced by a system where individuals connect with each other.

The tool will also be category based, i.e. people sharing a common interest such as movies, sports etc. will be able to communicate with each other.

This way, Digg is hopeful of being able to delete, the ‘please Digg my link’ feature, and thus avoid all the confusion and spamming which occurred on Shout.