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Huge Jump In Barcode Usage

By April 5, 2011July 30th, 2023No Comments

Until recently, mobile barcodes were being used very sparingly. Recently, however, it has been reported by NeoMedia technologies, that the usage has jumped up by 1800% in the last year.

Although this is a good sign for those involved in mobile marketing, it is only the beginning, and the industry still has a long way to go.

In a recent interview, Laura Marriott CEO of NeoMedia said, “I think we all know there’s serious work to be done. We need more education at the point of sale. Codes need a clear and consistent explanation of what they are and how you can read them every time they’re printed. We also need to get scanners on more devices.”

According to her, only big brands are currently using the barcodes or QR codes, and it is necessary to get the smaller businesses interested in this service.

One reason why the barcodes may not be very popular, is that users can hardly be expected to scan a barcode with their mobile, when it is displayed on a billboard on the street.

Recently, however, NeoMedia launched a new barcode management platform, which provides enhanced and detailed analytics to the marketer, such as when, where and by whom the barcodes have been used.

In time, barcodes could become almost as popular as the website URL itself.