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iNewsCaster Reads Out RSS Feeds

By April 27, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

As search engines experiment with vocalising search results, a new Irish company has just released a cool new gadget that reads out RSS feeds to users.

Formerly called MT-Personal NewsCaster, the iNewsCaster version 2.0, has just been relaunched with added functionality that includes a built-in browser. The iNewsCaster allows individuals to listen to all of their personalized RSS feeds on their iPod, PDA, cell phone and desktop wherever, whenever they want.

The product is available direct from’s website for £14.99 for the desktop player. Their earlier product, iAudioize retails for the same price on their site as well via Apple stores. It allows users to listen to their emails and documents in mp3 format on an iPod, phone or PDA.

Given the quality of the voice reader is no better than the free text to voice function available on AT&T’s website, it is likely to be just a matter of time before Google or some other company offfer a free and better version.