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Jubii Will Be The New Face Of Lycos In The USA

By March 20, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

Lycos Europe is a large portal boasting over 30 million unique users, mostly in the UK, Germany and France. They are set to launch their product in the USA, under the name Jubii, later this month. is currently available to Danish users. The US version will bear the same logo and offer the same services, namely search and directory; email, chat, skype and mobile communication; lifestyle portals, blogs and personal sites, photo and file storage and other services.

The parent company, owned by Telefonica and Bertelsmann cannot trade under the Lycos name in the USA any longer, as it sold that trademark and company to a South Korean conglomerate after it’s near death. The launch is receiving more than its fair share of press, but is more likely than not to go sour, as the company has not made any real profit to date!