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Lady Gaga Album Offer Crashes Amazon Servers

By May 27, 2011July 30th, 2023No Comments

Lady Gaga seems to be far more popular then Amazon had expected. Amazon learnt this the hard way when they launched an offer that was irresistible to the singer’s millions of fans.

Following the recent release of Lady Gaga’s latest album, ‘Born This Way’, Amazon decided to offer their users a deal that was too good to refuse. They decided to let users download the album from the Amazon MP3 store at a price of just 99 cents. There was such a huge barrage of requests that it ended up nearly crashing their server. Users reported that the album took ages to get downloaded.

Lady Gaga has been promoting the new album prior to its iTunes release through her Twitter feed. Considering the fact that she has over 10 million followers on Twitter, the album was bound to be much in demand.

The album was available for $11.99 for the regular version and $15.99 for the deluxe version on iTunes. Compared to that, the Amazon offer was extremely reasonable and users rushed to make the best of it.

Amazon launched this special offer to popularise their recently launched Cloud Drive / Player service. To make up for the initial server slowdown due to the increased demand, which left users unable to download the full album, Amazon has offered the album at the same price again yesterday, along with 20GB of free Amazon Cloud Drive storage.

This time around, they say they are ready for the onslaught.

Born This Way reached the top of Amazon’s MP3 best selling list soon after the offer and has stayed at the top since then.