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Mobile Social Networking Favoured By Women

Mobile Social Networking Favoured By Women

The results of a study conducted recently by the Nielsen group, show that women use mobiles for social networking much more than men do.

The results show that 55% of mobile social networking users are women and only 45% are men.

While there are many who may be surprised and may even disagree with the findings at first glance, it seems quite likely on second thoughts, as women are generally known to be far more social than men and they like to keep in touch with their friends and family more frequently.

What is really surprising about this study, though, is the user demographic distribution by age.

The study shows that social networks are accessed through mobile devices most often by women in the 35-54 age group, (36%) and they are followed closely by the 25-34 age group(34%)

While most people would assume that teenagers or young adults would dominate the scene here, those in the 13-17 years category account for 7% and those in the 18-24 years category account for just 16% of mobile social network activity. Though teens do use the mobile a lot, it is mostly for the purpose of text messaging.

With the use of social sites like Twitter and Facebook having increased significantly in the last year, the use of mobile phones to keep up this activity even on the go is certainly expected to increase, especially due the the mobile’s inherent ability to help people stay in touch, at all times, in a variety of different ways.