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Touch Local’s New Product Guarantees Minimum 350 Potential Customers Per Year

By February 22, 2007June 9th, 2020No Comments

Touch Link Plus is a new product from Touch Local, a UK-based local search portal. The new product is promoting Extra Sales Potential (ESP) for businesses by recognising popular keywords searched for on Google and directing visitors to the advertisers’ profiles on

Touch Local guarantee to send a minimum of 350 potential customers to most advertisers’ profiles, except in some pre-defined high-competition categories where they only guarantee 200 potential customers.

Dwelling into this deeper, though, one can quickly see that all they are guaranteeing is 350 profile click-throughs over the year. The product costs £24.50 per month, which adds up to £294 per year. In other words, advertisers would be paying the equivalent of £0.84 per click (£1.47 for the competitive categories).