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The initial set up of your pay-per-click campaigns will have an enormous impact on both your success rates and the cost of your campaign. You run the danger of wasting time and money by rushing this process. There is also a steep learning curve in PPC, and it pays to get expert assistance at this critical stage. At AccuraCast, we’re world leaders in the development of effective PPC campaigns, working with organisations of all sizes and from all sectors, from car dealerships such as JT Hughes and software company Roxio to charities such as The Children’s Trust and Action For Children.

Why we’re leaders in pay per click

Responsive – we’ll get your campaign set up and your ads running rapidly and with the minimum of fuss.

Cost-effective – low set-up costs, and we save you money by avoiding expensive mistakes.

Trusted – AccuraCast is a Google Partner, which means that we have been certified and met Google’s high standards to set up and manage client PPC campaigns.

Focused – we can help you reduce the cost of your advertising, improve conversion rates and gain market share.

Experience – we have devised extensive PPC campaigns for every size of organisation, from multi-national corporations to SMEs, and from charities to entrepreneurial start-ups.

Reduced cost – targeted campaigns achieve high Quality Scores, lowering your CPC, so you pay less per lead.

Low cost per click – we combine smarter bid strategies with creative copy writing and design to deliver CPCs that are often below 10p.

Proven track record – one of the strengths of PPC is the ability to track results accurately – and we can demonstrate our ability with proven success stories backed by solid facts and figures.

Comprehensive services – everything from keyword research and PPC campaign management through to creation of landing pages.

ROI focused – measurable results that help reduce your cost per acquisition.

Outstanding support – call on our additional support and training services whenever you need them.

A complete campaign service

AccuraCast can set up a properly planned and effectively structured campaigns on GoogleBing and Yahoo! with keyword grouping, distribution preferences, delivery times and bid values set to ideally attract the maximum clicks and conversions for your given budget. Our campaign set up services are available as a stand alone service or as part of our overall PPC management services.

Campaign set up includes:

  • Keyword grouping
  • Ad copywriting
  • Landing page specification
  • Bid estimation and setting
  • Setting campaign distribution preferences
  • Ad delivery setting
  • Multilingual campaign set up
  • Consultation for landing page design

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