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Helping Buyers Find Your Product On Google Base

By December 3, 2008July 30th, 20232 Comments

Google has recently introduced a”Data Quality” tab within Google Base to provide suggestions to sellers to improve the way their products are presented or described in their product feeds.

Google Base is the service that feeds into Google Product Search. It is a space where sellers can fill in all the information about the products they are selling, which Google will then display to potential buyers. Some of the commonly listed items in Google Product Search are household supplies, electrical and electronic goods, books, vehicles, vacation rentals and even jobs.
With the number of products being marketed through Google increasing at a very fast pace, it is extremely difficult for buyers to select the right product. It is equally difficult for sellers to bring their product to the notice of buyers.

Vendors can use this new feature, which has been added by Google to all Google Base Accounts, to diagnose the quality and hence the approximate position that their products would be placed in on Google Product Search.

When a product is described well, that is, its features and benefits are highlighted in the item list, it is bound to catch the eye of the buyer, over a product that may be equally good but is not presented well. This is the principle on which suggestions are made in the ‘Data Quality’ tab.

Some of the suggestions provided by the data quality tab are to upload a photograph of the items in the feed, or to improve the title of the product feed.

Product Marketing Manager, Jessica Ng says, “We’ve always emphasized the importance of submitting high-quality product feeds to Google Product Search. This means submitting accurate, up-to-date product information in the form of attributes, as well as abiding by best practices for formatting these attributes. Doing so goes a long way toward helping shoppers find your items more easily.”