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Sponsored Trending Topics Working Well

By July 6, 2010July 30th, 2023No Comments

The recently released Sponsored Trending Topics feature by Twitter seems to be doing quite well. Some well known brands have already attached themselves to this feature, and the latest to do so is the NBA.

In order to promote themselves through this feature, the NBA has sponsored the topic ‘LeBron James’.

When users click on the player’s name, they are directed to tweets about the basketball star from regular users as well as a promoted tweet from the NBA, which is highlighted as a promoted tweet within a yellow box background.

Users who click on the promoted tweet, are directed to a section of, giving the NBA more exposure through this feature.

The reason this move is likely to be very effective in the short term is the timing. The basketball star is due to announce any time now which team he will be playing for next season. Basketball fans are literally waiting with bated breath.

The extent of his popularity and the anxiety of the football fans can be judged by the fact that he collected 1,50,000 followers on Twitter within just seven hours of joining the site. The number of tweets and stories regarding him have literally flooded the site.

While it was speculated that he would announce his decision on Twitter itself, his publicist has already rejected this suggestion.

The previous holder of the fastest growing fan following was none other than the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates. He had collected 1,00,000 followers in eight hours. With the help of trending topics LeBron James’ popularity on Twitter has soared much faster.

Other well known brands that have used Sponsored Trending Topics are Pixar and Coca Cola.