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Advertisers who use the Paid Discovery services from StumbleUpon will now have a better service available to them with increased ad serving options.

StumbleUpon has added a new feature called ‘Interest Optimisation’ to their Paid discovery feature. This feature will help to improve the effectiveness of ad campaigns by reaching a larger target audience.

Interest Optimisation has been applicable to auto-targeted campaigns for some time. It will now be available on manually targeted campaigns as well. Even manually targeted ad campaigns will now be served to a wider variety of categories, which happen to be similar to the ones selected by the advertiser.

For example, if a particular campaign were primarily targeted to the ‘mutual funds’ category, with the use of Interest Optimisation ads from that campaign could also be served to the ‘investing’, ‘financial planning’ and ‘taxation’ categories, thus helping to reach a larger audience.

Advertisers who wish to exert greater control over their campaigns might not wish to make use of this feature. They can easily opt out of it by making sure that while using the manual format they click on the option that says “Strictly limit my campaign to only the topics selected below.”

In order to find out how the campaign is performing after using this new feature, the advertiser can access the Advanced Reports interface in the StumbleUpon ads system.