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StumbleUpon Launches Auto-Targeting For Advertisers

By September 17, 2010July 30th, 2023No Comments

A few days ago, StumbleUpon has launched a new service for their advertisers, which will allow them to auto-target their ad campaigns.

Usually advertisers are always on the lookout to target their ad campaigns at specific and appropriate groups of audiences, who are likely to engage with the campaign and eventually buy the product or service being advertised.

The new service from StumbleUpon will make it easier for the advertisers, as the optimal audience will now be selected by StumbleUpon itself. The selection will be based on various demographic factors like age, gender, location, topics of interest etc. This facility is thus expected to give advertisers more cost effectiveness and better Return on Investment.

Now, when an advertiser starts a new ad campaign, he will have a checked box, which will enable this feature to work if the advertiser so wishes. If however he ‘unchecks’ the box the feature will stop being functional.

The advertiser will of course be able to continue to control his budget, and start or stop the campaign at will

The advertiser will also be able to see the difference between the responses to the auto-targeted campaigns and to the manually targeted campaigns for future decision making.

StumbleUpon already has a base of over 11 million users and 40,000 brands or publishers on their site. This new feature should give a good boost to their advertisers.