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StumbleUpon Makes It Easier To Stumble

By April 28, 2009July 30th, 2023No Comments

All good things that happen to StumbleUpon seem to go largely un-noticed and under the radar. They recently updated their submission process without making any announcement even on their own blog.

Users who StumbleUpon a new page and like it click the thumbs up button on the toolbar to vote for that page. If the page has not been Stumbled previously, a submission box comes up.

Submission to StumbleUpon used to be a bit cumbersome, as users had to enter a title, an optional review, select a topic, provide tags and then indicate whether the site contained adult content.

Now submission to StumbleUpon involves merely clicking on the thumbs up button and then indicating whether or not the web page is suitable for viewing in the office.

A second tab allows users to submit an optional review, similar to the fashion of the old submission interface. As seen in the screenshots above and below, the website now provides all users a count of the number of pages they have helped StumbleUpon discover and share with other users.

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, StumbleUpon seems to thrive on growing stealthily. They recently crossed the 7 million user mark, making them bigger than Twitter at the time. Twitter has, of course, since then sky-rocketed in popularity due to the celebrity obsession with the platform.

The new submission system, though, will definitely prompt more user submissions and therefore help StumbleUpon grow and provide more content to its current and new users.