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The Terminator On Twitter

By April 24, 2009July 30th, 2023One Comment

Soon to be launched movie, Terminator Salvation, has tapped into Twitter with a whole new concept for self promotion.

Earlier games on twitter have required users to answer various questions or solve mathematical problems in less than 140 characters. There has, however, not been much of self-promotion or leveraging done through these games so far.

Terminator Salvation from Sony Pictures, which is due to be released on May 21, has now launched a game on Twitter, called Resistance2018. To play this game, Twitter users have to help out in the fight between Skynet and the Terminators, and they will be awarded points for each successful move they make.

Needless to say, if the game catches the fancy of the public it would be a great promotional move for the movie.

To play the game users have to follow Terminator Salvation on their relatively bland Twitter page:


Users must then log in with their Twitter ID on and look out for Tweets from@resistance2018. When they receive a tweet, they have to reply through @replies with hash tags to @resistance2018 or RT through the blog. Twitter will then send them direct messages with updates on points earned. The higher the number of points a user scores, the more chance he has of joining special squadrons.

Playing this game will entail a certain degree of engagement and concentration from the user, unlike previous Twitter games that could be played quite casually.

This is certainly a new means for advertisers and marketers to promote their products in the future, rather than the passive and traditional method of displaying banner ads, and when successful, it will hold the user’s attention completely.

This could also turn out to be a novel way for Twitter to generate some revenue, though Pamela Godwin-Austen, the spokesperson for Sony has denied that there has been any monetary transaction between the companies.