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Thousands of Blogs Shut Down Due To Terror Threat

By July 29, 2010July 30th, 2023No Comments has recently been shut down, bringing down thousands of blogs, following a terror threat being posted on one of the blogs hoste on the domain.

The Blogetery platform, which hosted over 70,000 bloggers, is believed to have contained a link to terrorist material and a hit-list from Al-Qaeda posted on the site.

The parent company BurstNet said that bomb making instructions had also been posted their.

The company received a notice regarding this from law enforcement officials. shut down their platform without any notice to their users.

BurstNet has said that “The posted material, in addition to potentially inciting dangerous activities, specifically violated the BurstNet acceptable use policy.” reports that Burstnet received news about this material from the FBI on the 9th of July. The material is believed to have contained the names of various Americans on the Al-Qaeda hit-list. There were also messages from Osama Bin laden and other terrorist leaders.

While BurstNet has said they received a ‘Voluntary Emergency Disclosure of Information’ notice from the FBI, the FBI has not confirmed this. They did however clarify that they have not ordered for any site to be shut down as that can only be done by a judge.

While BurstNet claims this is not the first time their platform has been misused, several theories are floating around regarding the reason for the closure, including the possible presence of child pornography.

Another online service was also shut down one week after

According to sources, the Blogotery server is connected to an online magazine ‘Inspire’ which is believed to be a recruiting platform for terrorists and contained an article ‘Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of You Mom.’

The sudden closure has obviously displeased users.